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Love Your Leftovers! New Takes on Yesterday’s Meal

"Waste not, want not" is always the way to go when it comes to restaurant leftovers, especially with ingredients as versatile as rice, chicken, steak, potatoes, and beans. Don't just throw that bag in the fridge to scarf down when the midnight munchies hit (though that's acceptable). Instead, make them into meals.

Half the work is already done, so with a little creativity (and some help from your friends at TLK), the extra white rice from that Mexican take out place around the corner can turn in to a Korean inspired feast. So ask your waiter to wrap that up for you and don't miss out on these great restaurant leftovers recipes. 

If you have leftover rice, then try...

Jalapeno Rice Fritters 


Made with cheese, cooked rice, jalapenos, and a few binding agents, these arancini-esque balls of fried perfection are an easy (and cheap!) crowd pleaser and a delicious way to use up the extra rice you always have lying around. Pass these around as an appetizer with a simple aioli and just wait for the compliments to flow in. 


Kimchee Fried Rice with Pork Belly and Poached Eggs


Give your everyday white rice and fried egg a new and delicious makeover with this modern Korean dish, It's sweet from the pineapple, salty from the soy sauce and pork belly, and tangy from the Korean kimchee. Add coincidentally, if you have any leftover pork as well, this meal will take you mere minutes to make! 


Niños Envueltos 


Similar to spring rolls and stuffed grape leaves, these cabbage wraps are easy to make and travel really well; take them on a picnic as a great hand-held snack or be the envy of the office when you pull these out of your little brown bag. Simply sautee ground beef and pork with your favorite spices, add your leftover rice, and wrap in blanched cabbage leaves for a meal that's low in carbs and high in flavor.


Creamy Garlic Scape and Mushroom Rice


The best part about this side dish, besides the fact that it takes about 20 minutes to make and uses only a handful of ingredients, is that it goes with just about anything. It's delicate garlicky taste and earthy mushroom flavor make it a great side to chicken, pork, and steak recipes! Plus, the recipe calls for a splash of red wine, giving you a great excuse to go ahead and finish off the rest of the bottle.


Click on for bonus meals with leftover steak and leftover beans... 

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