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Editors' Wish List

When you work with and around food all day, every day, people always ask: what's your favorite recipe / chef / kitchen product? We say we couldn't possibly choose, we love it all. Well, that's a little white lie...

While we love everything we put on the site, there are some things that catch our eye and that take hold of us, some items that we keep going back to, that we bookmark and clip and keep on a list for ... some day. Well, today is that day! In the spirit of the holidays, we’re sharing our wish lists with you!

From stocking stuffers to splurges, from knick knacks to serious kitchen investments, here’s what we want for Christmas

Marie Elena Martinez, Founding Editor (@mariesworlds)


Riedel O Wine Tumblers, Set of 2, $24.99

I got these fantastic Riedel "O" wine glasses (right) in a Secret Santa grab bag years back. And...I broke them. They're sleek, sexy, and look great on any table. Whether it's a casual red wine nightcap for two or perfectly placed on the table at a holiday meal, these elegant yet cool glasses elevate the art of drinking your favorite varietal. In my case, an Argentine Malbec or a French Bordeaux blend.


Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender, $34.95

Winter is the season when I pull out my dogeared cookbooks, don an apron, and spend Sunday afternoons making hearty soups and stews to get me through the chill. Alas, I don't own a hand blender! This Cuisinart Smart Stick is what I need to take soupy experimentation to new heights. Plus, this hand blender not only blends and purees, it chops, grinds, and whips with the help of a few handy attachments. The added bonus? When spring comes, and my thoughts return to my bikini body, I'll be ready to juice like there's no tomorrow!


All-Clad Copper Core 7-Piece Cookware Set, $889.99

I admit it; I have crappy pots. For a food editor, they're a downright embarrassment. They come from all different stages of my life and include beaten non-stick pans from college, hand-me-downs stainless steel pots from my sister after she got married (hello, registry!), and a few copper stalwarts stolen from my mom. So, my dream culinary wish list gift has always been an All-Clad Copper Core set. As any chef knows, the conductivity of heat in copper pots is unmatched and a stainless silver finish makes them a cinch to clean. And while I'm gunning for a set of 7, make no mistake; I'm really hoping Santa goes all out for the set of 10 ($1299.99).

Next up, more fun finds on our editors' wish lists...

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