Mom's Ideal Mother's Day Brunch

    Mom's Ideal Mother's Day Brunch
    Melissa Guerra

    As a mom, I know my kids will always look to me for advice. School, jobs, social life, obligations, finances, loves… their greatest and smallest challenges are usually discussed when we're at the kitchen table. I am not really sure why we always have such deep pow-wows where I unload groceries, fold laundry and knead bread, but there at the table, we talk about everything.

    This Mother’s Day, why not make a special spread for your own cocina confidante? Maybe your mom isn’t behind the wheel, driving in the car pool anymore, or folding your laundry, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a few words of wisdom to share with you still. Brunch for Mom would be a treat for your both. Here's a good start: a hearty Tortilla Española, a crisp salt roasted chicken, a subtly sweet berries and cream dessert, and a cava guava cocktail to toast with.

    Before your try out some of the easy recipes I have put together for your Mother’s Day brunch, here are a little advice from this Mom as to how to put together the perfect table:

    Even though the ingredients are inexpensive, making Tortilla Española can be rather challenging. A good quality Teflon pan is a must. Make sure you don’t cook your potatoes over too high of heat, as they will over brown. A medium low flame helps keep the potatoes sweet and creamy.

    When making your Salt Roasted Chicken, try some of those intriguing fancy salts from the gourmet market. Pink Hawaiian, smoked, wet salt or simple sea salt all work wonderfully well with this recipe. A light coating on the skin is all it needs. When you slice the chicken, the crispy salty ribbons of skin are an incredible treat when mixed with the fresh salad greens.

    Mexican crema agria isn’t available in every market, but it made a huge difference on the berries for our dessert recipe. Slightly thinner than regular sour cream, with a distinct cheesiness, it only needs a small amount of sugar to attain dessert topping super stardom. A dash of culinary lavender might be something Mom has never tried, and will give your two a bit more to chat about!

    You can write a little toast for dear Mami or put together a collection of old photos to giggle over as you sip your chilled guava scented sparkling cava. Your time is always your best gift. That’s my advice, mijita.

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