The Best of Winter Citrus: Grapefruit, Oranges, and Lemons

    The Best of Winter Citrus: Grapefruit, Oranges, and Lemons
    Carolyng Gomes

    Winter is the time for citrus. From lemons and oranges to grapefruits, you’ll find juicy, plump bright colored fruit at every farmers market and grocer stand. And full of Vitamin C, the perfect cure cold weather sniffles, this is one fruit you should always load up on. Think past lemon meringue pie, grapefruit sorbet, or orange creamsicles (you’ll have plenty of time for that in a few months) and instead whip up filling, immunity boosting dishes to brighten up these dreary winter days.

    Remake your chicken dinner and transform those boring chicke breasts into dazzling Grapefruit Chicken Fajitas. Marinated in grapefruit juice, the chicken remains moist, tangy and tender. Add in grilled peppers and corn tortillas to round out a delicious meal.

    To pump up the flavor on a classic dinner staple, try Lemon Saffron Rice. Smoked chorizo, toasted almonds, aromatic saffron, and fresh lemon juice bring some excitement and flavor back to your traditional brown rice.

    For a heartier meal try Orange BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos. A perfect way to use up left over pernil, these tacos come together in less than 30 minutes with a homemade orange BBQ sauce that is finger licking good.

    To satisfy your sweet tooth or start your morning off try Orange Sweet Potato Pancakes. Roasted sweet potato is whipped with orange juice, cinnamon, and vanilla for pancakes that are filling, sweet, and hit the spot.

    Finally, an easy way to incorporate citrus to any meal is with a heaping scoop or two of Fresh Grapefruit Salsa. This quick and easy salsa calls for just a handful of ingredients. Simply throw together grapefruit, tomatoes, shallot, jalapeño, and lime juice and you have fresh and spicy salsa to top all your dishes.

    No matter what you are in the mood for, adding a touch of citrus to your meals can help boost your health and the flavor of your dish. Try one of these recipes today and see what a touch of citrus can do for you!

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